Component parts starting from Top to Bottom

  • Terminal Block
  • Socket
  • Spacer
  • Bearing Top Cap
  • Top Cover
  • Bearing
  • Stator
  • Blade
  • Motor
  • Bearing Cap Bottom
  • Bottom Cover
  • Bearing

Technical Description about our Products

Motor Blades

  • Squirrel cage AC induction motor with rotating field stator – Class E insulation – spheroidal copper winding with double insulation class- I type motor-capacitor start and run.
  • All blades are made out of special alloy 1/2 hard tempered, rolled sheet and with aerofoil design to give higher air delivery and lower power consumption.

Speed Regulation


  • Minimum 50% drop of full speed at step – 1 at rated voltage with equal incremental increase.
  • Top and Bottom Canopy made out of PP, colour perfectly matched with motor & blades.


Down Rod with Clamp

  • Resistance type regulator with 5 – speed regulation – full rotory switch with PP top cover. (Choke type regulator or Electronic type regulator optional).

Rubber Shackle

  • Made out of 1/2″ BSP – med. class. Painted as per motor and blade colour.



  • Single row – deep groove heavy duty double ball bearing greased permanently.
  • Rust proof spray painted covers, blades and down rod are baked in heating oven at 130 degrees for imparting scratch proof hardness and long life durability.